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Connection Management

A user who already has an account with your app may decide they wish to connect their profile to an account on a third party service. So it's important for you to be able to let an authenticated user connect with the third party. We can use the same auth flow for performing this action as we use for the login process. The primary difference is whether the user is currently logged in. If they are, then we know they are trying to connect an account, otherwise we can log them in or send them to onboarding.
Also, in the previous exercise we talked about the following scenario:
The provider account they authenticated with is not connected with an account in your app, but the email address they authenticated with matches the email address of an account in your app, in which case you can connect the provider account with that account and log them in.
So this is another instance where we'll be creating a connection for an existing user.
So let's get to it!